How to take the repetitive pain out of audio editing

Have you produced audio? If so, you know the work isn't finished at the utterance of your last syllable of narration.

Listle delivers freshly spoken articles to your ear

Listle is an aggregator of a wide range of articles - but they do more than aggregate. They have a team of narrators who create the audio and publish for our listening pleasure.

The Best Note Taking Method That is Never Discussed

I am a strong proponent of mindmaps for the widest range of tasks and I have used mindmaps to organise notes but this still wasn’t delivering an advantage in the capture of notes.

Mindmap your way to a massive productivity boost

I am not about to say you have got it wrong because that artist’s version of mind mapping has a place and it is in the connection of thoughts and ideas into a logical, though not necessarily a linear thought capture.

My case for mindmaps being at the centre of your writing workflow

Working in small teams and often in isolation creates a dependence on yourself and also opens up the possibilities in using productivity tools and your personalized techniques.