Simplified data privacy compliance using AI & ML – the Harpocrates story

Podcast Introduction Harpocrates simplify data privacy compliance. Co-founders Jan Jensen and Martin Förster have a goal to make data privacy compliance easy for business people, developers and privacy professionals to jointly build the future. Their motivated team is working with the most cutting edge technology to help companies become and remain compliant with privacy laws …

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Helping premature babies breathe – innovation at Ventora Medical

When helping premature babies breathe is your purpose, and your pathway is to empower clinicians through innovation, there must be a number of cultural and process experiences to share at the Startups’ Roundtable.

How To Start A Podcast: The Account Manager’s Primer 2020

Generating a personal channel to market - well, the day is here for your podcast. The critical aspect is to land on a theme that is important enough to you that the creative effort will be sustained.

How to take the repetitive pain out of audio editing

Have you produced audio? If so, you know the work isn't finished at the utterance of your last syllable of narration.

A founder’s story behind Listle – a fresh listening experience

Listle is an exciting startup delivering fresh audio content and in this conversation, we get a glimpse behind this innovative company, including insights into the customer influence on their product strategy.