Tony Hackett is my name and my working career has been in structured and governed environments:

  • Plumber: 4-year apprenticeship, formal assessments and college attendance
  • School Teacher: university study preceded the structure and discipline of classroom practice
  • B2B sales: sales methodology, reporting, forecasting…structure and discipline

While it might be apparent that B2B sales can have foundational similarities to being a plumber or teacher, I would add that the training and “best practices” have only marginally shifted over the past 30-years.

That can be held up as a positive and I would agree that there are many elements of the B2B selling foundation that deserve their longevity.

But the reason I have created this site is to illustrate the creative expression possibilities for B2B sellers – not as an exception but as a behavior.

There are two components to this site:

  1. Blog
    • Looking for fresh thinking about communication and business value and what it means to buyers and sellers
  2. Podcast
    • “Startups’ Roundtable” is a podcast where I speak with innovators and creators so we can learn from their experiences