Mindmap use in my regular work – two concrete examples

Example #1

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One of my clients was reading these books. Given it is important to them, I decided to look a little into the books and see if my company had any research that was relevant and contextual so as to proactively show the value of our knowledge.

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Step 1: I created a basic mindmap (above).

Step 2: I searched on amazon.com for each book to get a sense of its coverage and tags that I might use to assess any match with our research.

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After searching through research, I built this map which had one more layer to be added.

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…and that was to include a brief intro to each research note.

So the tree was:

  1. The identified book.
  2. Contextual research title; and
  3. Brief intro to the content.
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Example #2

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Creating a document outline that can be built from within the mindmap then exported to Word.

Started with the title and headings for 3 sections.

Then I fleshed out the sections above with sub-sections, as below.

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…and further down to more headings.

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At this point I am illustrating how text is added to the body of he document under one of the sub-sectional headings.

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From there I choose to export and you can see the options on the left.

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Once I select Word as my output I am presented with the formatting choices below.

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This is the word output from my example.

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It is worth noting that any amount of content, from a page to a book, would be published to this or other formats at the press of a button.

All of the above is using Mindmanager – feel free to send any questions my way and I will do my best to provide practical answers.

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