A Digital Experiment Platform – some considerations

Taking an information-centric approach to designing business outcomes isn’t new, and behavioral experimentation has long been at its heart.

To design and execute experiments takes discipline, investment, and clarity around identifying and accessing your target audiences.

Being able to communicate a customer journey will highlight social dilemmas that beg for a digital solution.

In today’s COVID world, finding investments, before a solid business case, is complicated. What if you could deliver high agility through a shared platform with pop up experiments?

Considerations can include:
• How much scientific rigor in your experiment?
• Is it a social experiment, or balanced with technology?
• Does your AB testing rely on structured data only?
• Can you access experimental data?
• Do you incorporate digital wellness?
• Who are the potential participants?

I took from this MIT article on “The Future of Platforms“, that the existing platforms offer much, relying on them alone can be limiting, but using them as a basis for building your digital experiment platform, provides more.

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