When Is The Best Time To Start A Blog

So you think you want to be a blogger?

You have something to say?  You have a target audience to report it to?  Pushing your thoughts and opinion online is now?  You want to go beyond the traditional wash of social media channels and project your voice on your platform?

The great news is that it has never been easier.  The bad news is that it has never been easier.  There is a crowd, and working your way through the group could be the end of your plan.

Start writing and do it for you

To get underway is to breakthrough.  By writing for you, there is a target audience of one, and with it comes freedom.

You will find many articles that talk about developing the writing muscle and generating a habit.  If you take this approach, you will bypass the needed for external guides such as statistics and likes and every other form of incidental feedback.

If you take the writing challenge and execute, then you step into the domain of the content marketing and social media marketing professional who is burdened in a way that you are not – they are governed writers, you regulate your writing.

This pathway brings a certain level of responsibility as you need to choose topics and themes that matter to you.  If there is an external and highly artificial influence on your questions, then there is an equally high probability that you will pause the stop.

If you design a content strategy around current topics that are your interests, then you have the basis for longevity.

Best platform for a blogger

The mechanics of publishing a blog only come after the location decision.   

Location decisions can be price decisions also.  It is free via any number of social networks in which case your content creation and production become the product of someone else. 

Then there is paid, and a Google search will fill the screen with a list of names including WordPress, Squarespace and Wix among others.  But the layers of decisions you need to make include:

  • Web hosting can be WordPress, Squarespace or Wix and it can also be  dedicated service from companies such as godaddy.com and siteground.com
  • A domain name which you can get from hover.com and godaddy.com
  • Blogging platform can be one of the three above or medium.com plus many more and for the beginning blogger, they all take the user experience creation pressure off your hands
  • A landing page can be set up as a pre-launch location until you build a home page where the target audience arrives to consume your content
  • Content creation can be done with a word processing app or directly into the blogging platform
  • A level up is when you start to consider keyword research and search engine optimization


Ready to start?  There are no barriers.

Sit down and build a list of topics in a bullet points list and take the issues you are most interested in pursuing and create a schedule.

There are many levels of sophistication above this primer article’s coverage, and they only matter after you have a habit formed.

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