How To Start A Podcast: The Account Manager’s Primer 2020

Podcasts are mainstream and have been for many years.  Well understood and consumed for education and entertainment, they are ripe for leverage by account managers wanting to create their own differentiated social media channel.

Personal Branding for Account Managers

To build a personal brand using social networks can lead to the reflex set of:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
  4. You Tube

Nothing wrong with this and in fact, a lot of rights.  But crowded.

Generating a personal channel to market – well, the day is here for your podcast.

The critical aspect is to land on a theme that is important enough to you that the creative effort will be sustained.  There is a term – podfade – that describes the podcast that starts and finishes inside ten episodes. By starting with a Google search on topics, you will quickly find how popular your target topic is, and then you can dig in deeper to see if there is space for you to differentiate.

The self-check, as you do this research, is to work out where your target audience is visiting from the social media options.  The four sites listed above are an excellent place to start.

Google will get you to a raft of cheat sheets, but none of them can help you answer the target audience question.  This rests totally with you.

Functional Podcasting Decisions

Education might be a foundational place to start.  If you haven’t recorded audio before, then getting a base level of education is clearly crucial.  There are paid courses, but there are many free tutorials and Facebook groups that provide authentic and complete training.

After the education, there are the necessary building blocks of:

  • Microphone – excellent USB microphones for under $100, e.g. Samson Q2U (I use Rode Procaster)
  • Recording software – free options that are good quality – you will see a lot of people using Audacity to get started at $0 (I use Hindenburg Journalist Pro)
  • Communication software to connect you as the interviewer with your guest, e.g. free Skype (I use Squadcast)
  • Podcast hosting can be on your web site, e.g. WordPress and there are some free (for a limited capacity or functionality) e.g. Anchor (I use Simplecast)

Make a Start

Using the microphone on your mobile phone or iPad or PC will enable you to get underway immediately.

Give it a go.  Start, stop, but give it a go.

You may find that a differentiated social channel is waiting for you.

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