How to take the repetitive pain out of audio editing

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Have you produced audio? If so, you know the work isn’t finished at the utterance of your last syllable of narration.

I had this reinforced when I started narrating on Listle, which is an audio service that delivers narrated content that voice actors produce.

My audio capture through to publish experience had been building over the last 18 months, and I thought I had a reliable workflow. My new realisation, after starting with Listle, was that the volume of publishing could be a burden when the amount of audio clean-up is taken into account.

The trigger was after taking 20 minutes minimum to edit 20 minutes of narration when I knew the audio itself was clean. The time was taken to sort out breaths and other “noise” within the recording.

This screenshot below illustrates noise on the top line and less noise between audio on the bottom line. This is a visual representation of the problem to be solved, and the output being addressed.

The video below takes you through the process I now use, and it incorporates the use of voice editing commands which reduces any repetitive strain that can come from using a multi-button mouse to edit audio.

More importantly, it incorporates RX7 software from Izotope to capture the audio and use pre-sets to clean the audio before publishing to Listle.

How I record, edit & publish on Listle

In case you are interested, I use a combination of the following tools and software – no affiliate links:

  1. Microphone: Rode Procaster
  2. Audio interface: Zoom H6
  3. Audio clean-up: Izotope RX7
  4. Audio editing and production: Hindenburg Journalist Pro
  5. Voice commands to drive the editing: Dragon Professional

…and I used Filmora9 to construct and publish the video above and also use Camtasia at times for videos.

I hope this helps you produce your best audio in less time.

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