Listle delivers freshly spoken articles to your ear

Ever wanted to subscribe to a publication, but never sure if you would get the value?

There is so much great content to consume, it can be overwhelming.

Where do I start?

Where do I finish?

How do I prioritize?

This has been my experience in the past, and “The Economist” is my best example. It is impossible to debate the quality and timeliness of The Economist’s articles. I have always been a downloader of the written and spoken forms of each week’s edition. But do I get to all of this content? No. In fact, I don’t scratch the surface as other news and business feeds attract my attention.

This means I don’t get the full value of The Economist and I have become an on-again, off-again subscriber over the years.

And this is just one example.

This is even before I reflect on the podcast library or the Audible library that waits patiently on the start grid for me to press “play”.

If this is close to your experience, then Listle is worth a try.

Listle is an aggregator of a wide range of articles – but they do more than aggregate. They have a team of narrators who create the audio and publish for our listening pleasure.

My experience with Listle has been on both sides of the equation. I am a subscriber who listens to articles during the week. I am also a narrator who provides the audio for ~10 articles per week.

The service is simple and interesting. I subscribe to feeds or on an ad hoc basis, browse and select.

I can download the audio for offline consumption, and there is always a link to the originating text article in the originating publication.

If you want to segment, the app allows you to dig into specific areas of interest and to receive daily news updates in addition to very current articles.

A terrific range of interests are served through this free app.

I hope you get a chance to give it a go and it would be great to hear what you think.

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