My Udemy Experience – maximise learning by creating

My Udemy Experience – maximise learning by creating

If learning is created by or can be accelerated by creating, then Udemy should be a part of your development plan.

Around 2 years ago I stumbled upon Udemy. Wasn’t looking for an online learning environment and can’t remember my path to the site, but there I was. I was immediately attracted to the wide array of courses and the “practitioner” level instruction. I was an instant customer and have been ever since. My experience with the courses was mixed. A number were outstanding and a small number missed the mark.

My real learnings have happened since I made the decision to create a Sales Prospecting course and publish it on Udemy.

The learnings happened on a number of levels, starting with the determination of what I knew enough about, that warranted publishing.

That aside, I signed up to Udemy’s Facebook forum that is specifically designed for course creators (not Udemy employees) to provide advice, tips and support. This forum is informed and responsive – I was gaining so much knowledge simply by reading the threads.

In constructing my course, I needed to gain a level of understanding and proficiency in audio and video production. On the surface, I figured this was no more than getting the right gear and starting. Turns out I was a little wrong. Equipment matters but there is a whole lot more to it as I soon realized. In summary, it is all to do with preparation and technique. Seems a bit obvious as I write the statement.

I know have a published course, but most significant to me is I now have a level of understanding and skill such that I have produced and published an online course and a number of podcasts.

If you have the inclination, I can only suggest you set a publishing outcome to drive your focus. That decision made, I encourage you to get onto Udemy and build out a course.

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