Accessing the new buyer for today’s provocative seller

Not competing on the battlefield of business value is a decision.

At any moment, in millions of meetings around the globe, there are account managers sitting with customers or prospects and there will be a question about the seller’s value to the prospect.

The account manager has rehearsed the question with the sales manager in a role play back at the office or worst case, in the Uber on the way to the meeting. But that doesn’t reduce the fight-or-flight response that can land on the seller. 

Do I know the answer so well that I stand and fight for the business based on value or do I take flight from the value discussion and retreat to the safe ground of price or deal terms.

I have been in that situation. I am sure 100% of sellers have been in that situation. I am equally certain that buyers have witnessed both responses whilst still deciding to buy based on the “non-value” flight response.

“If this, then me” offers tips, techniques and commentary to help sellers think about fresh ways to access buyers and explain their unique business relevance.